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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kelp and a Sea Star photographed at Bowling Ball Beach by Emily Nelson

South of Point Arena, Bowling Ball State Beach and its neighboring partner, Schooner Gulch State Beach, are wonderful places to visit, especially at low tide. The trail down to Bowling Ball is closed due to erosion but the trail to Schooner Gulch is easily hiked. At low tide you can cross the gulch and explore Bowling Ball Beach. That's what Emily Nelson did on Thanksgiving Day. Here's what she photographed:

Storms have brought bull kelp onto the beach and one beautiful Sea Star, also called Star Fish.

BBB is a wonderful place to beach comb. The rocks catch treasures tossed up by the sea. One time Rick and I were exploring and we found opalescent abalone shells shining in the sun. There are unusual round rocks exposed at low tide that look like a bunch of bowling balls. It is quite unique!

Here's a web site to learn a little more about this jewel on the Mendocino Coast:

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