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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lunar eclipse photographed by coastal photographer Mel Gerst

Many coastal residents were up early on the morning of Dec. 10th to witness a total eclipse of the moon. Skies were clear. Every once in a while a meteor from the beginning of the Geminids meteor showers streaked across the sky. The lunar eclipse was a spectacular show. Mel Gerst photographed this event in front of The Sea Ranch Lodge.

The photo below was taken at 5:23 AM.
 This next one was taken at 6:04, two minutes shy of totality
 And the eclipse photographed at 6:43 AM
 This last one was taken just before 7 AM. The bright light is a fishing boat.
Thanks to Mel Gerst for allowing me to show his photos here!


Carolyn André said...

These are fantastic. Thanks to you and Mel I get to see them. Wonderful!

Jeanne Jackson said...

It was an amazing experience to watch the eclipse evolve. We were very lucky there were so few clouds here on the coast!

MappingMan said...

not bad for a Melvin ....