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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sea Lions rafting and a Gray Whale photographed by Barbara Rice

The coast is alive with the sounds of California Sea Lions. In the calm air, their barking calls can be heard for several miles. Juvenile male Sea Lions have recently returned to the Mendonoma Coast. And they are forming rafts in groups of twenty or more. This has been seen off of Anchor Bay, The Sea Ranch and Timber Cove. They roll to one side and hold a flipper up in the air. This helps to regulate their bodies temperature.

Barbara Rice used her camera and her scope to digascope this photo of a raft of Sea Lions with a Gray Whale spouting just behind. Many thanks go to Barbara for allowing me to share this unique photo with you here.


Maureen said...


Jeanne Jackson said...

Sometimes you just get lucky when you peer through your scope. I thought the whale was amazingly close to the Sea Lions! Great photo by Barbara.

Unknown said...

Can I just say I would love to swim next to a whale, its on my to do list!

Jeanne Jackson said...

To swim with a whale would be amazing! I hope you can make your dream come true. Tell us about it when you do!