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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yesterday morning was filled with rainbows and wild mushrooms are appearing

A small storm moved in overnight, leaving us with beautiful rainbows Thursday morning. These rainbows appeared just north of Fish Rocks, near Anchor Bay. I took these photos from our deck.

You can just see the moon at the top of this photo. I thought this was a rather unique-looking rainbow.
 I had to take two pictures to get this big arching rainbow.

What a lovely sight to wake up to!

Tomorrow I will show you photos of two mushrooms that just bloomed on our property - Fly Amanita and Pig's Ears, Gomphus clavatus.


Anonymous said...

It's just all sunsets and rainbows, isn't it? How great is that!

Jeanne Jackson said...

I know we need rain but how can we complain? Another magnificent sunset last night with a short green flash. WOW!