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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Al, the Laysan Albatross, returned yesterday!

Yesterday was a day full of happiness. One of the main reasons is that Al - or Alice, we don't really know - returned to the waters off of the Point Arena Pier for its 19 season. The Laysan Albatross arrived around 1 pm yesterday, Dec. 5th, and the news quickly spread. Al was late arriving this year so we were worried. But our worries were in vain, as this unique bird with a fondness for surfers has blessed us once again with its presence.

Mel Smith took this photograph of Al and I thank him for allowing me to share it with you here.

As if Al's arrival wasn't enough, we had a beautiful green flash last night. And a pod of Gray Whales was seen off Gualala yesterday headed south. Lots of exciting sightings here on the Mendonoma Coast!


Anonymous said...

We're so glad to see Al has returned safely once again this year.....I wish he/she would bring a mate!

Jeanne Jackson said...

My birder experts tell me Al is taking his, or her, winter break from possibly breeding and raising chicks. No mate allowed on Al's yearly vacation!

TaxMan said...

I thought they normally bred in the Winter. On Midway Island, eggs are laid mid-Nov to mid-Dec. Eggs hatch mid-Nov to mid-Dec and chicks fledge mide-July.