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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Horn of Plenty, Craterellus cornucopioides, has made an appearance and a Gray Whale sighting

Yesterday on our morning walk with Huckleberry, our golden retriever, Rick noticed the first Horn of Plenty mushrooms growing at the base of a redwood step. They are also called by the rather ominous name of Trumpet of Death but that is because of their somber color. These are growing under Tanoaks, a hardwood. They are deliciously edible and their appearance is most welcome!

On Thursday Rick and I were having breakfast at The Sea Ranch Lodge. It is one of the premium places to whale watch as the Gray Whales come in close just in front of the bluffs there. Sure enough, a large Gray Whale appeared, as close as we've ever seen one. It stayed on the surface for several minutes before diving and disappearing to the south.


Unknown said...

They look like holes in the ground.

What's that white flaky-powdery stuff around them?

Jeanne Jackson said...

These particular mushrooms are growing in a sandy part of our trail. I think that is what you are seeing, little specks of sand. There are also Tanoak leaves scattered around. And, yes, they do look like holes in the ground!