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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A beautiful Fly Amanita Wreath created by Carol Kozal

What a creative way to use Fly Amanitas! Here is what Carol Kozal did, in her own words. "As I was walking the other day I noticed there were several Fly Amanita mushrooms growing everywhere. In their varying degrees of growth they looked to me like Christmas ornaments. So, I thought why not pick some and make a wreath? After several attempts and a box of toothpicks later, I managed to make the wreath I had envisioned. I plan to make another one and display it at Studio 391 during the holidays."

Carol's husband, Paul Kozal, photographed this unique wreath. The Kozals have an art studio in Gualala. You can learn more at: And to see more of Paul's photograph of wild mushrooms, click here: Paul's photographs are wonderful to behold!

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