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Friday, December 23, 2011

A basket full of edible mushrooms

There is a place on our property with a lot of downed wood that Rick and I suspected might harbor edible mushrooms. Yesterday we had two helpers haul the branches out of there. We showed them a Bellybutton Hedgehog and asked them to pick those that might get damaged or destroyed by their labors. There must have been a misunderstanding because they picked every Hedgehog, no matter how small! They also found Black Trumpets, Golden Chanterelles and a perfect Matsutake. Here's a picture of the haul.

When I pick Hedgehogs I bring a knife and clean as much of the dirt off right away so dirt doesn't get lodged in the "teeth." Oh well, the fellows were very proud of themselves and I couldn't help but thank them. But next year I'll be picking them myself as that's half the fun!

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