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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy Cap mushrooms have made an appearance in forests on the Mendonoma Coast and a look at what the rain does to Coccoras

It's a small wild mushroom but it packs a punch. It's the Candy Cap, Lactarius fragilis. On Monday Rick and I found the first of these delicious mushrooms blooming under Tanoak and Bishop Pine. This mushroom is only found on the Pacific Coast and the Southeast so other parts of the world will have to imagine the heady aroma it has. When dried Candy Caps smell like maple syrup.

 When the gills are brushed they ooze or bleed a white milk, letting you know you've found Candy Caps. Yellow bleeding Milk Caps are to be avoided, according to David Arora.
And as promised, here's a look at what happens to a Coccora after some rain. It looks like a science project!
Here's a link to see what the Coccoras looked like before the rain caused this mold:

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Jeanne Jackson said...

We ate these candy caps and a Queen Bolete last night. Sauteed them in a little butter and olive oil and put them on top of the last of the Thanksgiving stuffing. Delish!