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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A mushroom forage with author David Arora

On Sunday Rick and I joined in a mushroom forage led by David Arora in Mendocino County. It was a treat to learn from the person who wrote the definitive books on mushroom hunting in the United States and Canada.

As we've had little rain - until today - the mushrooms were rather sparse. But we did find edible White Chanterelles, Queen Boletes, Shrimp Russula, Coccoras, Laccarias, The Prince and Milk Caps.

Here David is showing some of the foragers the Shrimp Russula.
Rozann Grunig found Laccarias during the mushroom forage.
 After the forage, we went to his house where he showed us the Death Cap.

 Rick and I had brought a beautiful Red-capped Butter Bolete to give to David. We invited him to come to our property the following day to photograph the remaining ones. He also photographed this group of Coccoras at our place.
Here's a link to see the Red-capped Butter Boletes that David photographed:

David Arora's two must-have books are "Mushrooms Demystified" and "All That the Rain Promises and More." You can get them at my favorite bookstore, The Four-eyed Frog.

And to learn more about David Arora and planned forage events, here's his web site:


Maureen said...

OMG I am so jealous. I wanted to go on this walk so so so badly, but it happened to coincide with a meeting/training that I had been preparing for since July. What a haul! It's amazing.

Jeanne Jackson said...

It was a great experience. Maureen, check on David's web site as he does other forages. It is

Maureen said...

I will. Thanks for the tip!