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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grevy's Zebra photographed at the B. Bryan Preserve in Point Arena

Judy Mello headed out with her camera to try and get a photo of the Kingfisher visiting a pond at the B. Bryan Preserve. Then she noticed one of the Preserve's Grevy's Zebras eating her roses! No picture of the Kingfisher but Judy got this nice one entitled, "Stop and eat the roses."

Here's a link to a newborn Grevy's Zebra at the Preserve that was startled to see a Gopher for the first time:
And to see what is going on at this fascinating place, here is the web site for the B. Bryan Preserve:


Unknown said...

He's got wattle on his throat!

Jeanne Jackson said...

ha! Maybe this Zebra is a senior. I checked the photo of the newborn startled by a gopher and I see no "wattle."