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Monday, November 28, 2011

A newborn Pinto joins the herd in Point Arena - meet Chie!

Jacqueline McAbery cares for a herd of wild Pintos south of Point Arena. They are beautiful animals and it's a treat to see them on the east side of Highway One. Polka Dot, the mom, was expected to give birth in the summer but she surprised everyone by giving birth in November. Thunder is the proud father. Here's a photo of Polka Dot with her filly, Chie.

To see more photos of the Point Arena Pintos, here's a link to Jacqueline's blog:
And to see a photo of another filly that was born in May, click here and meet Little Lady:


Anonymous said...

Way to hang in there (ahem), little girl! Welcome to the world! I love her apparent "horns". What a beauty!!

Jeanne Jackson said...

There is another photo of Chie running in the fields. It will be in my Sighting column in the ICO this week! She is a real beauty.

Unknown said...

Wild as in "we don't ride them" or as in "they'll kick and bite"?

Jeanne Jackson said...

Wild as in they aren't ridden. They may kick and bite but I haven't gotten that close!

Unknown said...

I'm sure you can tame them with a carrot or an apple split in half.

If they're like most horses and you want to see them at 5 pm by a fence post on Thursday, then give them a carrot at that fence post at 5 pm on Wednesday!