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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Northern Wheater paid a visit to Mendocino County - for the first time in recorded history!

There was great excitement in the birding world when a Northern Wheatear was spotted in the southern part of Mendocino County recently. Richard Kuehn was one of the lucky few to see the bird, which was on private property. Luckily Rich had his camera and took this picture, which he graciously has allowed me to share here with you.

What was this Northern Wheatear doing on the Mendocino Coast? There has never been a recorded sighting of one here...until now. They are seen in Alaska and over-winter in sub-Saharan Africa. Not much is known about Northern Wheatears as they nest where there are no disturbances from people. Its visit is a sweet mystery.


Makai said...

Makes me think about the argument for mutations and aberrations. We need a few crazies in a group to provide for variation and survival options!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Yes, Makai! And it would be a boring world without them.