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Friday, November 25, 2011

Young Bobcat photographed by coastal photographer Craig Tooley

Craig Tooley saw this young Bobcat in a stand-off with a Buck. The Bobcat seemed to be calling the Buck's bluff and that's the moment Craig captured this photograph. But the Bobcat's bravado was in vain. All it took was one step forward by the Buck and the Bobcat thought better of the situation. It quickly disappeared into the brush. Sometimes retreat is the best option!

Craig has five other photos posted of this Bobcat on his web site. Here is the link:

And to see Drew Fagan's photo of a leaping Bobcat, click here:

And to see a Bobcat walking a labyrinth photographed by Emily Nelson, click here:


Anonymous said...

I know we're all very thankful to Jeanne for her wonderful work on this site, and to the photographers too! Let's not forget the subjects!
Ahh, that smart little kitty....He who fights and runs away, will live to fight another day. Sometimes ya gotta turn the other whisker, lol!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thanks, Steve! Turn the other whisker - I love it!