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Friday, May 4, 2012

We found something very unusual growing in the forest on our neighbors' property

On a hike with Peter Baye and Will Ericson last Sunday - two of my Sightings experts - Rick and I showed them the ancient, twisted Redwood tree on a neighboring property. Peter declared it a forest god and said it was perhaps 2000 years old. I will give you the link below to see photos I have previously posted of this glorious tree.

We then visited our neighbors Frank and Nan Drouillard who showed us the most unusual growths on the forest floor.

I thought they were a type parasitic mushroom but after some research Peter believes the first photo is California Groundcones, Boschniakia strobilacea, a parasitic plant. Both plants are members of the broomrape family  and live off the roots of Manzanita and Madrone, both of which are found on Frank and Nan's land. More study is needed to determine exactly what the white plants are.

Rick and I will hike down to this spot and monitor the progress in the weeks to come. And I will, of course, share the photos with you here.

Here is the link to see the "forest god" old-growth redwood tree:

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