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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beautiful wildflowers blooming in the forest

On a hike in the forest with friends, we enjoyed seeing some beautiful wildflowers. The first is Pacific Starflower, which was growing on a bank in dappled sun. The blossoms are very small but exquisite

 In a darkly shaded part of the forest we found this lone Pussy Ears. Yes, the inside of this flower is very soft to the touch. Look at the long slender leaf of this wildflower - it is what you first look for.
 And on the forest floor we found a late blooming Douglas Iris amidst the the tiny, white "shooting star" flowers of Alumroot. You can see the maple-like leaves of the Alumroot.
 And growing alongside a seasonal creek in a sunny spot was this California Wild Rose. Native peoples made a tea out of the rose hips for medicinal purposes.
 It's a beautiful day today on the Mendonoma Coast. The air is so soft and warm you can almost drape around your shoulders. My best to you today, Jeanne Jackson

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