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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bobcat, as photographed by Gary Humfeld

It's pretty wonderful to share the Mendonoma Coast with Bobcats. Mother Nature's rodent hunters, they can be seen hunting gophers and other rodents in meadows. One has been spotted in the Iversen Lane area, north of Gualala. Gary Humfeld recently spotted it and captured several photographs. One is posted on the Independent Coast Observer's web site under "On-line features, Mendonoma Sightings" at this link: The other photo I am happy to share with you here.

You can see the Bobcat's unique tufted ears. Thanks to Gary for allowing me to share his photo with  you here.

To see a dramatic photo of a Bobcat caught in a mid-air leap, here's the link:

The fog rolled in overnight, cooling us off. With the low tides and calm ocean this morning, abalone divers descended upon the Coast in great numbers. Vehicles were parked at many key access points up an down the Coast. Hope they had a good dive!

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