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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A rare sighting by Craig Tooley - a baby American Badger

This is the first photo of an American Badger sent in to Mendonoma Sightings in the six plus years I've been doing the column, so you can see how rare it is to see an American Badger. This juvenile Badger had apparently fallen down a cliff and was unable to climb back up. Craig Tooley and Rita Peck, trained in wildlife rescue, were called after members of our ambulance service had seen it alongside Highway One in Sonoma County.

Craig said the little fellow - or gal, we don't know for sure - was VERY feisty. An man employed by the Park Service happened by and helped Craig and Rita get the Badger in a box. They climbed the steep cliff and let the Badger go in the grassy meadow - a successful wildlife rescue!

Below is a photo of a Badger mound that was seen on The Sea Ranch in 2007 and photographed by Dibby Tyler. The Badger was never seen.

To see more of Craig Tooley's wildlife photos, here's the link to his website:


Frank Drouillard said...

Baby badger doesn't care.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Baby Badger has its own racing stripe!

janingualala said...

Get that badger a cobra and some pistachios to crack!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Jan, I think this little badger would prefer a nice fat mouse!

Susan Kirks said...

Hi Craig, I came across this report as well as the burrow photo in your blog. Please contact me if you ever have additional sightings. Susan Kirks, Paula Lane Action Network and former President, Madrone Audubon Society. I monitor habitat in Sonoma County and the Bay Area. I was heartened to read your 2012 blog post and the successful retrieval and immediate release of the juvenile badger. I have received one other report of an adult badger sighting near Sea Ranch. This juvenile was likely dispersing to try and seek territory and got into trouble. Dispersal season is June through August. Thanks again to all those who helped it.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Susan, thanks for your comments. I have passed them along to Craig Tooley.