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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A visit to the Stornetta Public Lands just north of Point Arena

C'Anna Bergman-Hill recently visited the Stornetta Lands with her camera in tow. There is much to explore on this 1132 acre paradise, with 2 miles of oceanfront. I've previously posted a photo of the lovely waterfall that can be found there. C'Anna's photos will show you more of this beautiful spot on the Mendocino Coast.

                                              Here is an offshore rock with a tunnel.

A sink hole along the trail.
Gulls taking a bath at the top of the waterfall.
Thank to C'Anna for allowing me to share her photos!
And here's the link to the Stornetta Lands Waterfall on this blog:


Jeanne Jackson said...

If you look down the sinkhole you can see the ocean. It's very cool!

BJoyous1 said...

Beautiful pictures. I miss Point Arena, I haven't been back for 15 years.

Jeanne Jackson said...

It will always be here, BJoyous! I am so very glad the Stornetta Lands are now protected and free to explore for anyone who can hike a level trail. The Stornetta family is owed our thanks.