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Friday, August 19, 2011

River Otters seen in the Gualala River!

Allen Vinson was walking the Gualala Bluff Trail this week and he saw a mother North American River Otter and her pup in the Gualala River. Lucky for us he had his camera with him!

River Otters are comfortable in water and on land. I've had sightings of them climbing up bluffs. There is at least one den of these critters near the mouth of the Gualala River. They primarily eat fish but they've been seen sneaking up on an unsuspecting Gull now and then.

They are adversely impacted by environmental pollution. The fact that they are thriving on the Mendonoma Coast is a testament to our pristine waters.

                                                                This is the pup.
                                                 And here is the mom with her pup.
Thanks to Allen for allowing me to share these photos. My best to you today, Jeanne

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