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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ken Bailey dove for Abalone off the Mendonoma Coast and came home with a hubcap-size beauty

Just look at this huge Abalone! Ken, Jack Likins and Randy Jackson (no relation, darn it) were diving ten days ago in an area most divers avoid because it is "dirty," according to Jack. The secret place, off the Mendonoma Coast, doesn't have many Abalones but what is does have are big Abalones. Randy got his limit of 9+ inchers, Jack got his limit of 10+ inchers - yes, three trophy abs, and Ken got the bragging rights with this huge 10+ incher.

All of these men live on the Mendonoma Coast. They are strong and smart. Trophy Abalones are no strangers to these men in their quest for red treasure. Thanks to Jack for allowing me to share his photo. Jack and Ken, along with Richard Lewis, produced a DVD on what it's like to dive for abalone. It's entitled The Hunt for Red Treasure and can be found at my favorite bookstore, The Four-Eyed Frog.


Frank Drouillard said...

Those would make good hubcaps! Has anyone every tried?

Jeanne Jackson said...

That's something I'd like to see!

FourEyedFrog said...

That's a beaut indeed! Thanks for sharing, and for mentioning the Frog.