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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Northern Pygmy Owl paid us a visit in Anchor Bay earlier this week

Rick noticed it first - a strange-looking bird sitting on the railing of our deck at 11:00 a.m. Just a foot or so away was a Steller's Jay. I ran for my camera and Rick grabbed his binoculars. Rick said, "It's a tiny Owl!" I took these photo through a window. You can see the "eyes" on the back of its head - a key identifier of a Pygmy. We were thrilled with this Owl's visit.

Below is the back of its head with false eye spots


Ms. André Herself said...

I loved seeing the pup the other day. And it was fun to see the pictures of the owl today. How lucky you are!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thanks, Carolyn! You know, we've lived here for 15 years now and we've never seen this Owl before. Yes, we feel pretty darn lucky.