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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A lovely walk on the furthest north portion of the Sonoma Coast

Last week Rick and I, with our Golden Retriever Huckleberry on leash, headed for Gualala Point Regional Park. It's a gem of a park and I've written about it here before. This day we wanted to see what was going on at Gualala Point Island, an important rookery for Seabirds.

It was a beautiful day; the fog had pulled way offshore. We headed down the trail towards the west and then entered The Sea Ranch public trail and headed south. What a wonderful walk this is right along the bluffs. It's the perfect solution for whatever might be troubling you. I have posted here several photos from that day.

                                            Here is the trail we took at the park, heading west.

Walking along the bluffs of TSR
                                               Gualala Point Island with nesting Seabirds

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