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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Western Skink is not singing the blues!

Will Ericson photographed a Western Skink on the Mendocino Coast. This lizard isn't singing the blues, it's wearing blue scales. Just look at the lovely blue on its lower half!

This lizard is active during the day, eating bugs and basking in the sun. The Latin name for this critter was changed in 2008 - it's now known as Plestiodon skiltonianus. Thanks to Will for allowing me to show you this striking Western Skink.


Sita said...

I send these Sightings all over the world. One comment I got back was from Sally Eastwood, a lady who used to live in Point Arena.
"Nice lizard. All I see here are chiggers, mosquitoes and ticks." Sal lives in Arkansas.
The two colored skink is absolutely beauiful. Sita

Jeanne Jackson said...

I love the fact that you are sharing these posts. I am amazed at the beauty of these creatures. Hooray for Mother Nature!