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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A hidden waterfall on the Stornetta Public Lands in Mendocino County

It is a bit of a walk but, oh, is it worth it! There is a beautiful waterfall on the Stornetta Public Lands. The best way to find it is to drive down Lighthouse Road. That's the way to the Point Arena Lighthouse, another great outing. Access the Stornetta Lands off of this road and walk south. Enjoy the beautiful scenery but take a jacket as it is often windy as you will see by the photo of me. Walk for perhaps 30 minutes. You will come to a stream, walk down, cross the stream, walk up and then look back. There you will see the waterfall to your right and in the distance the gleaming white Lighthouse. What a beautiful sight - a hidden treasure for you to find on the Mendocino Coast!

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