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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gray Fox Kits are being born now on the beautiful Mendonoma Coast

One of the cutest critters on the Mendonoma Coast is a  Gray Fox Kit. They are being born now in hidden away dens or, in the case of one lucky woman, underneath a deck. Kathryn Hile discovered a litter of four Fox Kits under her deck in her enclosed courtyard in The Sea Ranch. What fun Kathryn will have in the days to come, photographing these enchanting creatures. A photo of one of the Kits was published today in the Independent Coast Observer with my column Mendonoma Sightings. To see that photo go to, click on on-line features and then color photos. Kathryn has kindly given me permission to share two other photos here. The first one is of the male adult Gray Fox, aka "Daddy." The second one is of one of the Kits interacting with "Daddy."
             My best to you today, Jeanne Jackson, Gualala


Anonymous said...

Jeepers, those cute little guys are impossible to resist!

Jeanne Jackson said...

I agree! They are the essence of cuteness!