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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another hidden waterfall, this one on The Sea Ranch!

Maureen Simons sent in a photo she took on June 4th of a beautiful waterfall on the Salal Trail on The Sea Ranch. Her daughter calls this special place the "Lord of the Rings place" and you can see why when you look at Maureen's photo. It's magical! With the late rains we had, the creek is running high and strong.

The Salal Trail is on the north end of TSR. Maureen advises, "If you park on Grey Whale, just off of Leeward, then head north on Leeward about a block, you'll see an opening for the trail on the left. The trail runs all the way to the bluff trail." This is private property though so you need a parking pass to park there. But if you are staying at TSR or own property here, you can find this magic place for yourself.

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