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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Delicate purple wildflower blooming in the forest - meet the Redwood Pea!

So small and delicate you might overlook it, the Redwood Pea is blooming now on the Mendonoma Coast. Its Latin name is Lathyrus torreyi and it is a California native. It's a perennial herb and it is blooming in the forest on our property in Anchor Bay and also in several sunnier spots. Peter Baye tells me they are not too common these days and he encourages his wherever he finds them. Now this native wildflower is even more precious to me.


Sita said...

We have these little flowers all over the hillside up here on the ridge. It's just beautiful!

Jeanne Jackson said...

When people clear their property they lose these precious wildflowers. We're lucky to have them on our properties, Sita!