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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A beautiful Coast Lily bloomed on our road yesterday

A Coast Lily - Lilium maritimum - one of the most beautiful of our spring wildflowers has just bloomed on our road near the hamlet of Anchor Bay. It's a perennial herb and now only grows on the North Coast, particularly in Mendocino County. It grows nowhere else in the world. It grows on a tall stalk over a foot tall, sometimes reaching as high as three feet. It is pollinated by Anna's and Allen's Hummingbirds and by Bumblebees. Our weather may be saying "Winter!" but this Coast Lily is saying "Spring!"


Frank Drouillard said...

If it's you-know-where, please grab a seed pod and save it for me before the deer eat it.

Jeanne Jackson said...

It's across from our neighbor's spring box. There is another ready to bloom and several next to her spring box about a week or so behind in blooming. I sure hope I can get you some seeds!