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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ravens attack Osprey nest!

I am lucky, lucky, lucky to live where Ospreys choose to nest. There has been an active Osprey nest on our road every year since Rick and I have lived here, which is going on 15 years. Directly in front of our house, due west and about 1/2 mile away, a young Osprey pair have built a nest the past two years but have been unsuccessful in hatching any chicks. We hope this will be the year. They have been busy rebuilding the nest that completely blew down over the winter. Yesterday four Ravens attacked the nest and the male Osprey was magnificent, wheeling, diving and chasing the Ravens away. The female stayed on the nest and flapped her big wings when a Raven got too close. After ten minutes of battle, the Ravens flew off and peace once more reigned on the Mendocino Coast.


Jeanne Jackson said...

This isn't a very good picture, I know. I'm too far away. But you can get an idea of the size of the Osprey compared to the Raven on the left. The Osprey nest is on the tree to the right.

Bev said...

Ospreys, one ..... ravens, nada! Rah!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Several Ravens continue to bother these two Ospreys. Don't the Ravens have something better to do???