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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The beautiful Sonoma Coast - it looks like a dream come true!

Driving back up the Sonoma Coast yesterday, Rick and I stopped on a bluff so I could take these pictures. The photo of the coastline almost looks like a painting, doesn't it? We looked over the bluff and saw an inacessible beach below - lovely and serene.

I see that quite a few people from Japan are viewing this blog. I post these photos today in your honor as the world knows and cares what you have gone through recently. After all, you and I are only an ocean - the great Pacific Ocean - away.


Jeanne Jackson said...

I bet the abalone diving is fabulous there but no one can get to it except by a long boat trip.

Ms. André Herself said...

I love these pictures. They're kind of dreamy.

Jeanne Jackson said...

The Sonoma Coast is so beautiful. I don't think people realize how unpopulated it is. The late afternoon light made for a lovely photo, I think. Thanks, Ms. André!