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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Princess, a Ragdoll cat, occasionally joins us on our walk in the forest where a Red Clintonia is about to bloom.

One of the most spectacular wildflowers is about to bloom in the shadows of a forest of Redwoods, Douglas Firs, Tan Oaks, Madrone and Bishop Pines. It is the rare and lovely Red Clintonia. I'm hoping that this year a Deer won't eat the blossom before it's in full bloom! The leaves are a glossy green and seem to shine from within. Yesterday Princess, our adopted Ragdoll cat, decided to join us on our afternoon walk. She is quite  character and often hides in wait for Huckleberry, our Golden Retriever. But he's on to her now and gives her a wide berth as he trots by her hiding place.
       All the best! Jeanne Jackson, Gualala

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Frank Drouillard said...

Cats know they're cool.