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Friday, April 29, 2011

Hoping for a Western Screech Owl to take up residence in my beautiful Owl house

Last year my neighbor Charlie discovered two juvenile Western Screech Owls in a day roost on his property. Charlie took Rick and me to the dark, secluded area where the two young Owls quietly sat. I got as close as I dared to take this admittedly poor photo. But it does show the baby Owl. So Rick and I had Goldie Pound, birdhouse maker extraordinaire, make us an Western Screech Owl birdhouse in the hopes that one might nest there. So luck! But we enjoy looking at the birdhouse on our daily walks. It's made out of the same redwood siding as our house and has a crystal hanging from the top.


Ferne said...

Your Owl house is truly beautiful! Any owl should be proud to live there!
Ferne Fedeli

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thanks, Ferne! Goldie named it the crystal palace.