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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Manchester State Beach is one of the jewels of the Mendonoma Coast

There is always something to see when you explore Manchester State Park. You will find five miles of a huge crescent beach, which ends to the south at the Point Arena Lighthouse. Bettye Winters explores the north end, which is just south of Irish Beach. She shared some recent sightings.

Plovers and Sandpipers feed and rest in Bettye's photo below. You'll also see the white caps on the Pacific Ocean. Yes, it can be very windy here on the Coast in the spring.

Below is Hunter with his stick of the day. You can see the beach is deserted. You can often have the entire beach to yourself here. There is a section of this beach that has nesting Snowy Plovers. Dogs, even on leash, are not allowed in that area.
 Can you spot the hiding Sierran Treefrog in this piece of driftwood? Just its head is peeking out the crack.
And here is a "mushroom" sunset. Just beautiful...
Thanks to Bettye for allowing me to share her photographs with you here. To learn more about Manchester State Park, here is the link:

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