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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First newborn Zebra at the B. Bryan Preserve, as photographed by Judy Mello

Judy Mello wrote, “This is a Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. This species of zebra is on the endangered species list, with less than 6,000 left in the world. She/he already has its dewlap under its neck and the classic zipper pattern on its tail.” It looks like Mom is keeping a close eye on her little one.

Several more births are expected this summer at the preserve and several more animals will be joining the herd from San Diego Safari Park in June.

A visit to B. Bryan Preserve in Point Arena would be a unique thing to do. By reservation you can be there when the animals are being fed. They also have several guest cottages for rent. It's beautiful there - like you've entered another world. To learn more about the preserve, here's the link:

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