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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A walk on the bluffs at The Sea Ranch brings a wonderful sighting - Brown Pelicans!

Rick and I were enjoying the beautiful Thursday morning, looking at the wildflowers and hoping to see some Gray Whales. We were just south of Black Point Beach. There's a rock where a few Western Gulls are nesting. As we approached, a squadron of Brown Pelicans flew by, almost at eye level. It's our first sighting of them this spring.

These are adult Brown Pelicans. You can see their white heads.
At this point the Pelicans headed towards land and they gained altitude before heading off to the north.
They are air surfers! It is always thrilling to see them as they glide across the sky.
To see a close-up of an adult Brown Pelican, here's the link:

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