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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus transitting the sun today - the rarest type of eclipse known

Frank Drouillard sent a link where you can watch today's eclipse. Venus will be crossing the sun, an cosmic event that will not occur again for over one hundred years. Here is the link to NASA where you can view it on-line:

A late storm passed through yesterday. This morning's sunrise reflected off the clouds in the western sky was beautiful. The nearly full moon was an extra bonus.

Is that an Orca fin in the clouds? Cloud watching this morning was great fun. One cloud looked just like a boletus edulis mushroom. 


Anonymous said...

Only in Mendonoma. Incredible pic. Thank you so much for the Venus link Jeanne, couldn't see it any other way up in Portland. The mention of the Orca took me straight to a Great White, or even a whale with the moon reflecting off of his raised right fin. I will continue to say that these really look photoshopped sometimes. What incredible sights!
Thank ou!

Anonymous said...

Oops,and thank YOU too!

Anonymous said...

I also meant to add, that if you expand the pic a bit, or maybe even without that much imagination, it also could appear to be our nation's symbol staring directly at that beautiful moon, peeking it's head out from the clouds. : )

Jeanne Jackson said...

Yes, I can see the eagle now that you mention it, Steve. Cool!