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Sunday, June 24, 2012

California Quail taking a dirt bath - it looks like they are having fun

Robert Scarola had been digging in his yard the previous day, getting ready to put a few fence posts in. A California Quail couple discovered the newly turned dirt and decided to take a dirt bath, which helps them maintain the right amount of oil on their feathers.

Here are Robert's thoughts on these beautiful birds:

"The male really guards over his mate and seems to really care for her. They are part of the small daily life all around us. Not the Whales or Cougars or Hawks that take our breath away and who we love largely. Instead they are reminders of the constant presence of the little critters that share our neighborhood, and give us the chance to appreciate their gentle lives, and bring our own lives more in tune with theirs."

Thanks to Robert for allowing me to share his photos with you here. To see another photo of CA Quail by Paul Batchelder, here's the link:


Maureen said...

I LOVE quail...really all birds. I have hens in Oakland and when I am up at our cabin up on Pacific Woods Road, missing my Oakland hens, I feel lucky that I get spend time with my forest chickens—A lovely covey that spends lots of time in my yard. I got this great video of them dustbathing last year:


Jeanne Jackson said...

Wonderful, Maureen! Thanks for sharing your video. We just saw a bunch - too fast to count - of baby quail at our place. Hooray!