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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cliff Swallows - they are magnificent builders!

Robert and Nancy Scarola recently witnessed several Cliff Swallows building nests in a tunnel on The Sea Ranch Golf Links. There was, of course, a muddy area nearby.

Here's one of the Swallows with a bit of mud, headed back to the nesting area. These Swallows fly so fast it was difficult for Robert to get this photo.

 It looks like several nests are complete and occupied, as Robert's photo shows below.
Birds have to be among the most hard-working creatures on earth. Many migrate, some thousands of miles, twice every year. Then comes nest building, which in the case of these Swallows is a bit of mud, one bit after the other until the job is complete. Then they have to feed their young, tirelessly bringing insects back to the nest. It's easy to take them for granted but they are inspiring. Thanks to Robert for allowing me to share his photos with you here.

If you have Swallows build a nest in an inconvenient spot - say over your front door - please don't destroy the nest. Tack up a cardboard box so it will catch the waste. No mess for you below and a guarantee of a fun sighting in the weeks to come.

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