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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A River Otter and a Gull, as photographed by Gary Hopkins

A lucky sighting is one of River Otters. I'll let Gary Hopkins tell the story. "We spotted the River Otter and a Western Gull from the bluff above Tidepool Beach at The Sea Ranch. We watched for about fifteen minutes as the Otter cavorted in and around the tide pool, alternately playing, feeding and sunbathing. The Gull stood and watched, sometimes intently, sometimes with seeming disinterest."

 Here the River Otter and Gull eye each other.
 Gary photographed the River Otter cavorting in the water and kelp.
And lastly the River Otter basks in the sun as the Gull stands nearby.
Thanks to Gary for allowing me to share his wonderful photos with you here.

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