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Friday, January 6, 2012

I've just fallen in love with Hearn Gulch

Hearn Gulch was recently opened to the public due to the efforts of the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy. What a treasure this is! Found at mile marker 10.00 north of Anchor Bay in Mendocino County, there is parking for several cars.
It's an easy walk out to the bluff with Rick and Huckleberry leading the way.
Below you will see a dramatic fissure in the bluffs.
And here is the beautiful pocket beach, which is called Saunder's Landing. There is a trail down to this beach. The majority of the trail is easy but the last part is steep and the rocks were slippery. Ropes have been installed to help people navigate the lower part of the trail.

As we stood on the bluffs, the Pacific Ocean slammed onto the bluffs, making a loud booming sound and sending great plumes skyward.

And here is a sea tunnel. I will go back when the tide is right to see it in action. I believe I need to go at mean tide. We were on the tail end of a high tide yesterday.

In spring the wildflowers should be amazing. I am so grateful these acres were preserved so everyone can experience this beautiful place. Here's a link to the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy to see what other gifts they have given us:

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