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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to find the Salal Trail - a hidden gem of a trail on The Sea Ranch

As I posted yesterday, Rick and I were recently shown how to access the Salal Trail. It turns out the trail starts at Gualala Point Regional Park. It makes sense because there is public parking there. Of course you will have to pay a parking fee or, like us, buy an annual Sonoma County Parks pass. You drive by the pay station and and turn to the left into the small parking area. (Note: There are two small parking areas at the entrance. You want the second one in. If you traveled more than 20 yards from the pay station, you've gone too far.) Here is where you will find the beginning of the trail. Who knew?

 The sign below tells you to look for signposts with this symbol on them. You will need to look for them to help guide you along the way.
 Here's the Salal Trail where it runs in-between Highway One and the golf course fence. I had no idea there was a trail down in this swale.
 This is one of the sign posts to watch for. You will cross the golf course driveway entrance. The lines on the driveway, which delineate the trail, are almost gone.
At the end of the golf course fence the trail will veer west and you will go down a wooden staircase. The trail  crosses Leeward. Don't take the wide golf course path, which goes right or left. Stay straight on the narrow Salal Trail. Below is the beautiful waterfall that you will find about halfway down.

 I hope you will experience this beautiful trail for yourself soon! My best to you, Jeanne Jackson

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