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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ho Hum, another beautiful sunset, this one photogaphed by DeAnn Steele

Our dry weather continues on the Mendonoma Coast, as do the fabulous sunsets. There is something special about a winter sunset. DeAnn Steele photographed this one on Wednesday on the Jenner Grade.

And here is one I took the same evening, from my home in Anchor Bay

A bit of loveliness for you today!


Anonymous said...

Same old thing....

: )

I have a best friend in Florida who likes to talk about their sunsets. I've started forwarding him some of the Mendoma Sightings. Let's just say he's impressed!

Jeanne Jackson said...

They just keep on coming! People are lamenting the lack of rain but you can't help but enjoy the nightly show.

Sitakins said...

I see the same sunset's and moon-rises that the Jackson's see...pretty much. And, they are just fabulous.
Thanks for all the photos, Jeanne. They brighten up my day as well as those around the world I send them to.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thank you for your kind words, Sita. It warms my heart to know these photos are seen by your friends worldwide!