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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Driftwood surprises

Steve Serdahely found a unique piece of driftwood on the beach at Gualala Point Regional Park. It looks just like a whale.

 One day Rick and I were on the same beach when we saw a Mother Gray Whale and her calf rolling in the surf. Apparently the mother was getting barnacles off her back. Whatever was going on, it was magical to see them so close.

  Adrian Bennett needed a new handle for her microwave. When she was told how much one would cost, she said the heck with that! She found a piece of driftwood that served the purpose with a lot more style.

Thanks to Steve and Adrian for allowing me to share their photos with you.
 If you'd like to see a chair made out of driftwood, here's the link:


Unknown said...

I used to have a piece of driftwood that looked like an otter. The dog ate it before I could clean it up and apply a little oil. Rascal!

Jeanne Jackson said...

Gotta watch those fur faces!