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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strong storm, power outages, a rare moonbow usher in the first day of spring

A strong storm lashed the coast last night, dropping trees and limbs and causing power outages, particularly here on the Mendocino Coast.  Driving down to The Sea Ranch for breakfast with our overnight guests we saw that the Gualala River was closed to the Pacific Ocean and in flood stage. After breakfast we walked with Huckleberry along the Gualala Bluff Trail, apparently just missing the opening of the river. It was blasting out the north end of the sand bar amazingly, dangerously fast. Oh, are you waiting to hear about the oh-so-rare moonbow? A friend, Laurie, called today to tell me she and her husband were driving back late to Gualala from Fort Bragg in the storm last night. They were near Elk when the clouds parted and the huge full moon made an appearance. To the side of the moon they saw an arcing moonbow in shades of gray and charcoal but also reds and pinks. What I would give to see a moonbow!


Frank Drouillard said...

According to wiki, lunar rainbow is another acceptable term. Here's a link to a page with photos of the huge moon:

Several nice shots from around the whirled.

Frank Drouillard said...

Here's that URL again:
You'll have to cut and paste.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thanks, Frank. Yes, lunar rainbow is another term and moonbow can also be spelled as two words - moon bow. Any way you spell it, it must be magical to see one!