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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Footsteps of Spring

A big storm lurks just off the Mendocino/Sonoma Coast. And Spring officially begins tomorrow despite the wintery weather. A small yellow wildflower with the charming name of Footsteps of Spring is blooming in sunny spots, along roads and paths, giving us hope that Spring will soon grace us with warmer weather.


B said...

Pretty soon the Calypso Orchids should be popping up! Or is that in May? Anyway, I always loved those little guys. Thanks for sharing the Footsteps of Spring, Jeanne. If I were there, I'd be walking with you! Bev

Jeanne Jackson said...

Bev, the first Calypso Orchids are up - the Queen of them all! I always feel privileged to find them. If you were here, we'd go looking for them together!

Frank Drouillard said...

Don't forget to forget to take a jaunt up Kruse Ranch Road -- You can see Calypso Orchids there by the dozens!