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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Forget-me-nots blooming and one of their legends

The charming blue Forget-me-nots are blooming on the Mendocino and Sonoma Coasts in sunny spots. This wildflower has more than one legend attributed to it but the one I like is this one. A knight and his lady were walking alongside a river when he spotted these lovely flowers on the other side. He lept into the waters, made it to the other side and picked some flowers for his lady love. Alas, when he tried to return the waters swept him away. He just had time to toss the tiny blue flowers to his lady, calling out, "Forget me not!"


Bev said...

I LOVE foget-me-nots!! They're such a sweet little flower.

Jeanne Jackson said...

I've learned that Forget-me-Nots are not native wildflowers but are actually considered a weed, albeit a darned pretty weed. They shouldn't be allowed to grow on the coast where year 'round water is present as they will crowd out native plants. I saw them recently growing in the gardens at Filoli with Bluebells and they looked so lovely. In that habitat they were just fine!