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Friday, January 3, 2014

Wild Mushrooms have been few and far between but Eric Estrada found himself a nice King Bolete.

We long for rain. It has been sunny, warm and dry, dry, dry. So it's a surprise that any mushrooms would appear. We did have some rain last month, enough for at least one King Bolete. Eric Estrada found Boletus edulis several weeks ago and his brother, Ricky Estrada, took the photo.

Ricky wrote, “I was recently home and to my great surprise have found that the rains have brought some mushrooms up. The great Bolete is back and mushroom pickers should be excited to get back to the outdoors. [Here] is a picture of my little brother, Eric Estrada, who is nine years old and an avid mushroom hunter. He knows how to pick ‘em, and won’t put down his mushroom book. In his hands is a King Bolete found in the woods on the ridge. Happy mushroom picking!”

Thanks to Ricky for allowing me to share his photo and thanks to Eric for sharing his joy in finding this edible mushroom.

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