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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When the waves are big, the place to go is Hearn Gulch!

Paul Brewer went to Hearn Gulch recently, knowing the ocean was very active. He got two wonderful photos.

On the left side there is a sea tunnel. Paul got the setting sun shinning through the tunnel just as the blowhole went off on the right side. Just magnificent!

A little earlier Paul got the blowhole in action. Can you hear the "WHOMP!" sound?

Hearn Gulch is just north of Iversen Road in Mendocino County. You can park at mile marker 10.00. What a wonderful addition to the Mendonoma Coast, thanks to the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy and other partners. You can find out more of our newer open spaces at RCLC's website a :

To see much more of Paul's nature photography, here is his website: I thank him for allowing me to share his photos with you here.


Carolyn André said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! Wish I'd taken them.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Yes, Carolyn, me too! We have some wonderful photographers here on the Coast..