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Thursday, July 4, 2013

There was spectacular lightning storm over the Pacific Ocean early this morning!

It wasn't in the forecast but tell that to Mother Nature. A spectacular lightning and thunderstorm made it impossible to sleep late last night and early this morning on the Mendonoma Coast. Fortunately most of the strikes were over the ocean. Paul Kozal set up his camera and caught this beautiful photo; it gave me goosebumps when I saw it.

Thanks to Paul for allowing me to show you this wonder of nature. To see more of Paul's photography, here's the link to his website: I particularly love his mushroom photographs.


janingualala said...

I'm thrilled that Paul set up his camera. I remember thinking that one of our local photogs should be recording the storm. Did anyone attempt a video? I'm sure some of Paul's shots will be prizewinners!

Jeanne Jackson said...

This event would have made a great video as the lightning strikes came one after the other...dare I say lightning fast?

Maureen said...

This night was unreal. I was blown away by Mother Nature. We stayed up til 4 AM watching and listening.

Jeanne Jackson said...

Thank goodness most of the lightning was over the ocean. That let me enjoy it rather than worrying about fires.